Esquestrian Yoga

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Equestrian Yoga is a yoga program, or equestrian yoga practice, about bringing more balance, poise, strength, and self awareness to ones life. It includes yoga poses that help to counter act movements, which help with the rigorous riding schedules and years of riding.

Having asana or poses yoga practices, including mediation practices, help the competitor gain the extra edge you need in competition, decrease injuries, decrease recovery time (if the rider should be injured)) and bring a more pleasurable experience whether in the show ring or on the trail.

Equestrian yoga is for all levels of rider experience. Lessons are tailored to fit your individuals body needs.

Lorey has been a competitor and champion rider on National and World levels and devoted to yoga as a practitioner and certified instructor for 27 years.

Lorey has benefited personally in so many ways from having yoga in her life, and so can you. Using simple breathing and movements will help one enjoy riding for many years to come.
Equestrian Yoga will help you and your horse have a better life and better ride.