"she [Lorey] has,, not surprisingly, become thoroughly proficient. She has demonstrated to me her knowledge of structural anatomy and the challenges that occur from imbalances, as well as how yoga practice can be effectively applied to those issues. As well, she has been a teacher of my own office staff." Stephen L. Reisman, M.D.

“Lorey has been working with my boyfriend and I for a few weeks now, and she's fantastic! She is extremely experienced and so lovely to talk to and work with! She is sympathetic to our different skill levels, while also knowing how to push us. I look forward to our weekly sessions together. Thanks Lorey!” Jacquelyn L.

“I started taking yoga classes from Lorey on a dare from my wife the year I turned 50. She would come home from class sweating and groaning from the exertion, which surprised me since my impression of yoga was all relaxation in various pretzel poses. My impression was wrong. Over the last 6 years Lorey’s instruction has improved my strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance. Yes, we occasionally do the relaxing and restorative classes, and all classes include a strong interwoven meditative component, but Lorey’s instruction empowers me to strengthen my body as I start my journey into my senior years. Lorey is a persistent and inspirational yoga instructor, with a keen eye to see details of movement and stance. Her instruction ensures that my muscles, alignment, and breath are fully integrated to make yoga work for me.” Rick Lockwood

I had a private yoga session with Lorey. I really liked how quickly she identified what my needs were to bring more flexibly,and balance into my daily life. Her mediative guidance for bodily,breath and energy sensations good rhythm.
 Lorey ends our session with a wonderful awareness to the breath and a relaxation pose to close session. Ron Schuster