Yoga Classes

Yoga asanas integrates the body,the mind, the intelligence,and finally, the self, in the four stages. The first stage  is one in which we practice at the level of the physical body. The second stage is, when the mind learns to move in unison with the body. The third level of  occurs when the intelligence and the body become one. The fourth stage is, the state of perfection spiritual awareness flows into the student of yoga through these stages.

  The Benefits of Poses Asanas are based on three basic human postures of standing, sitting, or lying down.But they are not a series of movements to be followed mechanically. They have a logic which must be internalized if the pose is to be practiced correctly.
The Importance of practicing: The practice of asanas has a beneficial impact on the whole body. Asana not only tone the muscles, tissues, ligaments, joints,and nerves, but also maintain the smooth functioning and health of all the body
Yoga is for everyone there are asanas to suit every constitution,irrespective of age or physical condition.